R. Rayne Clark

 Certified Salesforce Administrator & Business Analyst

Everyone is on a journey. We begin from the day we're born and end the day we pass from this world. Some of our journeys lead us along straight paths with a clear purpose, start to end; some of our journeys have us taking every opportunity to explore new trails, hiking through rugged terrain and climbing mountains.

My name is Rayne Clark, and my own journey has led me down into valleys and up mountains from the very start. I've taken a number of opportunities to explore new terrain, some of it off the beaten path. The most relevant parts of that journey have taught me of my strengths, my aptitudes, and my preferences. They have led me to seek out a new trail, one unique to me.

From customer service to copy editing to volunteer and advocacy work, and finally to the Salesforce ecosystem, a few themes have tied everything together. First and foremost, I'm a servant leader; if those I lead don't succeed, neither do I. My purpose is to bring others with me, not to put them beneath me. Second, I enjoy helping others, perhaps more than anything else. My volunteer time, serving on boards and working at the local level was time extremely well spent. I'm adaptable, agile, I land on my feet and am quick to move, to learn new terrain. And last but not least, I live in the details, the small things that few notice. A copy editing career made sense for a lot of years. But now it's time to lace up my boots and blaze a new trail.

My unique experiences have taught me a number of things. For instance, I've learned not to be afraid to try new things, no matter how insurmountable they appear. My strength and tenacity will get me there in the end. I've also learned that the only way to get where we're going is by knowing where we've been.

This isn't a story of my personal journey, but of my professional undertakings. Those two do overlap, and this profile is meant to not only highlight the accomplishments that prove my ability to do a job, but also show how I might be a good fit and overall benefit to the culture of an organization. So if you're interested in a few stories that go along with my professional experiences, check out this site in its entirety.