In early June 2021, I began an exciting expedition. This is a list of my achievements in the form of credentials, superbadges, and Trailhead progress since then. *Not all Superbadges are shown.

Certified Salesforce Business Analyst

Earned March 15, 2023

Certified Salesforce Associate

Earned October 5, 2022

Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder

Earned March 31, 2022
Certified Salesforce Administrator logo

Certified Salesforce Administrator

Earned August 19, 2021

Triple Star Trailhead Ranger

319 Badges, 196,950 points

App Builder Superset Superbadge

Earned August 8, 2022

Admin Superset Superbadge

Earned August 8, 2022

Lightning Implementation Specialist Superbadge

Earned July 17, 2022

Process Automation Specialist Superbadge

Earned March 11, 2022
Lightning Experience Reports and Dashboards Superbadge logo

Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist Superbadge

Earned July 15, 2021

Business Administration Specialist Superbadge

Earned July 14, 2021

Security Specialist Superbadge

Earned June 30, 2021